Finding the Right Gift for the Sister

Sisters aren’t easy to shop for. Luckily, my sister is a big tennis fan so I was able to narrow things down early to the type of things I thought she might like. And those things all had to do with tennis. Even better about someone who loves tennis, your not limited to buying them things that can only be used on the tennis court. There are all sorts of options for things that can be used off the tennis court too!

On The Court Items

Let’s be honest, the best tennis gifts are those that you use on a tennis court. When you play a lot of tennis, you want a tennis gift that you’ll use to enjoy the sport you love. It all starts with a good racquet, and don’t worry, I’ve already written on some of the best tennis racquets! But don’t stop by only considering a traditional item like a tennis racquet… you can go wild and try dampeners, tennis strings, or even a tennis ball machine. You’ve got many options! Although, if you decide to go with a tennis ball machine, make sure you have some deep pockets!

Off the Court Items

While the more traditional option is certainly something your gift recipient will use on the court, there are many more options for off the court items. For my sister, I know she loves jewelry so I decided to go this route. But I didn’t stop here in my decision making responsibilities… for there are everything from tennis racquet earrings to tennis toe rings…

What I decided to Get

The choice wasn’t easy. But I ended up getting her something for her room! A tennis bean bag. It’s a fun item that she can use when she’s exhausted after a long tennis match like the one that she had last week. She played for 3.5 hours under the hot California sun. She must have been wiped! What a tough sport. That’s the funny thing about tennis… it’s a lonely sport. It’s got to be tough to be a junior tennis player and essentially be alone under extreme pressure for such an extended period of time. There has got to be something that will help dampen all that pressure! Maybe one of the best tennis dampeners would help… 🙂

Conclusion on Tennis Gifts

The task of buying a gift for a tennis player isn’t hard because there are limited options, but instead because you have so many choices out there. So make sure you don’t spend too much time searching… work hard instead of long. Another option to consider? You could buy your recipient some tennis lessons! If we’re being honest, there is nothing more that a tennis player loves than improving their game and taking private tennis lessons is a great way to get that done!

Mind you, this article really only covers tennis gifts for women. So if you need help for a male in your family, then I guess you better look elsewhere. Hey, we can’t help with everything! Good luck on your search and thanks for reading.


Playing with the new Roger Federer Racquet

Woah. When I purchased this new tennis racquet, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I mean it is advertised as being extremely heavy. And while I knew that I would like the feel of the racquet, I wasn’t sure that my arm would be able to handle it. This article will walk you through what I did to prefer myself for the RF97 and explain why this is a great fit for me. Check out this article on the best tennis racquets for more information at

Before I got this racquet, I knew I had to step up to the plate. So, I began by doing some weight training exercises that allows me to build the right arm strength. I found that exercises focusing on both the triceps and the biceps were most helpful. My local gym, where my tennis courts also are, had the right machines to make these work outs easier. As with getting on the court, the hardest part is just showing up, so when you’re working to get yourself in shape to use this stick, just remember to show and you’ll be ready.

Once you feel like you have the arm strength, it’s time to purchase the racquet. I got mine at as Tennis Club Supplies recommended. This was a great fit for me. The nice thing about ordering tennis racquets from Amazon is how quickly they come. But before you order, make sure you demo that tennis racquet. Oftem, a local pro at your tennis club will make the racquet available for you to demo. This is an absolute must before deciding on a racquet for sure.

My first match with this racquet was so much fun. I went down in the first set. While I wish I could blame this on the racquet, it was really just because I wasn’t feeling well. I had drank a little much the night before to be playing well. I finally worked my way back up to 5-4 where I was serving for the set. With the RF97 behind me, I was feeling GREAT. And by golly, I won it. Amazing stuff. I ended up losing the second and then we got kicked off our court. That was a huge bummer and in the future, I’ll use a tennis court finder to make sure I can have a court for as long as I need.

Fun times out there with this new racquet. I’m still in the indoor season where I play right now, but as I move to begin playing more, I plan on checking out outdoor courts too. The one thing I hate about outdoor courts is the sun! Wind – fine. Rain – I’ll deal with it. But there is nothing worse than serving in tennis and looking up into the sun. My issue is actually not with the serve, but with the first shot after the tennis serve, which for me is sometimes a tennis volley. Anyway, to help solve this problem, I’m thinking more about purchasing a pair of tennis sunglasses. This piece of tennis equipment, as long as you purchase the right one, won’t hurt your depth perception, but will help you on that first shot after you’ve been blinded by the sun.

Things You Need To Start Playing Tennis


Playing tennis is not as easy as you may think, you need to know some playing techniques to score, and your body should be fit to adjust to some mechanical commands. The primary requirement for playing tennis you need to be physically fit. You need to find a professional tennis trainer who will mentor and train you, the trainer should also advise you on the dos and the don’ts of the game. As most of the games require some accessories, to play tennis, you also need to have some accessories. For a starter, you need to purchase several accessories including a playing gear. Here are some of the things you need to have before you get into a tennis pitch.

Tennis Racquet

This is one of the basic equipment used for tennis ball machine drills that you require if you want to play tennis. There are different types of a racquet in the market, and you should be keen when purchasing to buy a racquet that is purposely for playing tennis. Tennis racquets come at different prices, ranging from cheap to expensive racquets. As a starter, you are recommended to purchase a cheap racquet since as a beginner you might break the racquet accidentally. Breaking an expensive racquet could be a significant loss.

Tennis balls

Tennis balls are small in size and are inexpensive. As a beginner you are recommended to purchase several balls, you should have a minimum of three tennis balls but if you can purchase more the better. This is because you might tend to hit the ball harder and it jumps over the fence. You would not leave the fence to go searching the ball, that’s why it is recommended to have several tennis balls when you are getting into the tennis pitch. You may also read more about tennis at

Tennis Shorts

Each game has its attire. As a beginner, you need to have a pair of short that you will be wearing when playing tennis. The short should have a pocket that should hold at least three tennis balls. It would be much uncomfortable to play tennis when dressing in a pair of jeans, that’s why it is recommended you purchase a short that you are comfortable in.

Tennis Shoes

This is another crucial thing that you need to have when playing tennis. Having the right tennis shoes is very vital. You need to find sports shoes that have a grip on the tennis court. The tennis shoe should also be fitting. There are other types of shoes that you can wear when playing tennis and they result to an accident due to sliding on the court. You need to wear the right tennis shoes for your safety. Read more from these tennis ball machine reviews.

Tennis Equipment: A Buying Guide


When choosing the right sport equipment, you will realize that there are those which are more necessary than others. It does not matter whether you play professionally or just as a fun. You have to make sure that you have the right equipment so as to have an awesome experience in tennis playing; the game should be beneficial to you and a great fun too. In case you buy the wrong equipment, you may end up suffering and therefore not have as much fun as you should. This article guides you on how to purchase the following tennis equipment inclulding the best tennis racquets.

The first equipment is the racquets. In this, you have to know what to look for in racquets. There are numerous things that determine if the racquet is right for you. To start with, your choice depends on your gender that is if you are male or female; as man or a lady you will have different strokes and the way of holding the racquet is very different. Learn from this tennis ball hopper review.

You also have to consider you experience in the tennis games. A newbie player should not buy racquet of experienced players. The same applies to the seasoned players should not buy racquets for inexperienced players. Depending on your skills and the level of play there are three types of racquets.

The first one is the game improvement racquet which is typically characterized by larger heads, light weight and longer style. It is very ideal for beginners and intermediate players. You can choose them if you need a little more power on your shot. The second one is the tweener racquet which is very well balanced equipment designed for all levels of skill. It offers good balance, maneuverability and control. This tells you that you have to consider your skill level in tennis playing before choosing the right racquet for you. For more information, you may also read more at

 The other crucial equipment is the tennis ball. It is advisable to have more than one tennis balls so that you can still continue to play in case one is kicked out of bounds.

Tennis clothing is also very paramount when it comes to tennis playing. Do not be like a majority who think it is just about fashion and coordinating colors. You have to buy clothes that will allow you breathe well and enable you to be very flexible such that you can move and run comfortably; the same to shoes. Learn more from this tennis ball machine training page.

Factors To Consider When Buying Tennis Equipment


Tennis is a game between two players where they hit the ball to each other and the other tries to hit it back too without allowing it to fall. It is a very interesting game that it has a lot of viewers especially when it is being played professionally by qualified tennis players. In order for  game to be played well, there must be the necessary equipment that is needed so as to protect you from injuries and to also make the game quite enjoyable when playing. When playing tennis, you need such things such as the racket, the balls and also some appropriate footwear. Your choice of this best tennis ball machine will determine how well you enjoy the game. For example playing tennis without the required shoes that have a good grip might make you trip and fall and this will cause injuries on you. This underscores the importance of the necessary gear when playing this game. There are different types of the  tennis game. For example we have one that is played on tables and this is called table tennis while we have the long tennis. This is what the professionals play.

The choice of the equipment you need for playing tennis will depend on your qualifications for example are you an amateur or a pro. These are some considerations that you need to make since they will affect you. One of the factors is the price of the best tennis ball hopper and equipment. You should go for a seller that is affordable but at the same time you should get quality equipment. If you want something of good quality you should be ready to cough some more cash. Cheap is expensive. Another factor you need right consider when buying a tennis racket is the composition. We have those that are made of wood, some are made of steel and others aluminum. However the most common ones are made of graphite.

 It is also good to consider something like the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the area where if you hit the buyer with that, it will hit the ball the furthest. It is good that if you are an amateur in this game, you consider buying a racket that has a bigger sweet spot. The size of the head also matters. You should go for a racket with a big head. The intended use also a factor to affect the tennis equipment to buy. Know more facts about tennis at